Blade of the Immortal


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Feat. "Dudas" by Mike Lightner, Jee Juh Productions.

The concept for this song was to give the audience the feeling of walking into a manga, referencing "Blade of the Immortal" in my title. This manga is one of my al time favorites and who's ferocity and elegance inspires me to this day. Taking place in feudal Japan, its a poetic setting for a darker and more stylized opportunity.

As the first-person narrative continues, the visuals are described as traditional Japanese folk tales. Inspired by ancient horror stories, spirits, manga, anime, video games such as "Onimusha". Its very surreal and definitely has some tangents, but as an older song, I still feel like its true to my character so still I like to share it. There are a fair amount of nerd references and other communities that I feel a strong connection to, so its a fun song for me.
This track introduces FUJI's comic book flavor and heavy.


Village night
I hear my calling
Not a samurai,
But the monster is crawling
Gut stuck pig screams
Alarm bright bawling
Creek across the floor
Grasshopper stalky
Demon in my sights
And I know what to do
I stop and I start the ritual
Only need one blade
First emit my blood
He smells it in the air
And he movies like a slug
Edge front and center
Faithfully knowing its place
Its my trusty dog
That will have its taste

Running push forward
Kamikaze thrust
He push me right back
This asshole punk
So I use a spirit bomb from my good friend goku
Sayien in my genes like a packet of shoyu
Then grab crack cut
This mutha fucker up
Battle angel alita
Damascus rough

Blade of the immortal bits
Dispersed like petals
Wicked foul radishes
That grew unmeasured
Winter unveils the red shades correctly
Its dying in the snow
All your past regretting
Final sight before you go and drift
Kiss on the cheek
From the noose
Around your neck

But lay at my feet
The body parts from the beast
See you next life,
You better batter up your team

Always ready,
I never had a choice
I know where they are
And they know my voice
But their presence is so god damn
Never ending
So many died on this earth and its still the beginning
So I pray to my only faith, capoeira
to help me try and protect
Myself better
So when they come back round
To fuck with me
I’m ready to twist them a new recipe
I mix and bake all
Just like we should
Toastin' to that girl scout cookie love
So high
Pikes peak ant got shit on me
The new mount fuji
Yeah come and see
Check it
But Disciplined in my ways of torching trees
Prioritize first or hell will freeze
Never lazy got Jew and
Japan in my blood
Couldn't make that shit up
Just go ask my cuz

And working so hard
Yeah I promise ya
Burn that oil
Got me goin like Hannuka
Eight days strait lasting
Sedar to the grave
No place for ya

So take this as a warning
In tangent tongue
Fuji makes sure that
The dirt gets done
All delivered by the girl
With the ninja moves
You never saw it like this
But now you do


released March 29, 2014
Composer: Mike Lightner of Jee Juh Productions
Written, produced and performed by FUJI



all rights reserved


FUJI Denver, Colorado

FUJI AKA Fuji Dreskin, is a female rapper and hip hop artist who
currently resides in her hometown of Denver, Colorado. FUJI's work is described as Lyrical Comics and Conscious Nerdcore,​ ​
​balancing Sultry Jazz with her
​Multifaceted Style of Writing and Performing. Comics and TV Series, Human and Animal Rights, Female and Mixed Race Identity, Archeology and Cannabis.
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